Home improvements for the future

From cavity wall insulation to installing solar panels, there are lots of bigger changes we can make to our homes to make them more energy efficient, save money and reduce our carbon emissions.

Explore what improvements are possible in your home with Plan Builder

This free online tool can help you explore and plan what measures might be suitable for your home and give you an idea of the potential costs.

Check to see what grants are currently available

You may be eligible for energy efficiency upgrades to be fitted to your home, free of charge. These upgrades are known as ‘retrofitting’ and could help to reduce your energy bills and make your home easier to keep warm.

See if the Cosy Homes Oxfordshire service is right for you

If you have the funds to pay for work, and are considering multiple home improvements, this service provides a full, one-stop-shop service to help you increase the energy efficiency of your home.