Case Study

Orchard Fields Community School

The project:

Orchard Fields Community School, in Banbury, is now home to the biggest primary school solar installation in Oxfordshire, after joining the Low Carbon Hub solar schools scheme.

Situated in Bretch Hill estate and with over 350 pupils, Orchard Fields is at the heart of a large community and prides itself on engaging with the local area. The school have already been doing great work on sustainability, registering as an Eco School in 2008, and achieving the Silver award just two years later. They are excited to be taking this to the next level by becoming the 18th Low Carbon Hub solar school to generate their own power.

The Low Carbon Hub team had a great time visiting Orchard Fields to launch the panels. We took photos of the panels with the help of the eco team and ran a solar quiz for the whole school. The kids did a fantastic job with the answers, although one of the smallest pupils fell asleep and had to be carried back to class!

Orchard Fields is the first Low Carbon Hub project to be fitted with export limiter technology, due to capacity constraints on the local grid. The limiter enabled us to install 100kWp of panels rather than just 50kWp. This means that the school can enjoy more generation without worrying about overheating the local substation cables during periods of lower energy use and higher exporting.

We are extremely grateful to the site manager and business manager for their patience as this more complex installation has required more visits to test and optimise.

Photos / map / Impact

  • Orchard Fields
  • 100 kWp installed capacity
  • 399 Solar panels
  • 85,079 Annual generation (kWh)
  • 20 year agreement to host Low Carbon Hub solar PV project
  • 39% of the school's electricity needs met on-site
  • ZERO cost to the school for the term of the project
  • 758 tonnes CO2 emissions to be saved over the project life
  • £35K savings to the school electricity bills over the project life
As a school we feel incredibly proud to be doing our utmost to reduce our Carbon Footprint. It is incredible to consider we are the largest Solar Roof Project on a Primary School in Oxfordshire with our school roof hosting 384 solar panels. It has been an invaluable exercise in educating our pupils for the future on the importance for us all to explore the possibility of using renewable resources for our energy. This project has excited all of our pupils, in particular our Eco Council as they have been involved in saving energy within our school for several years and are celebrating the huge impact the panels will have on the school’s vision for being an Eco Friendly School for many years to come. I would recommend other schools to become involved in this important initiative in order to protect our amazing planet for future generations.

Dawn Shilston, Head teacher

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