Case Study

Chilton Primary School

The project:

It was clear when we met with Chilton school how important their environmental activities were, both in terms of educating their school community including 240 pupils, as well as taking many actions taken to reduce energy use and look after the environment.

Our scheme was therefore a good fit, and the school had an excellent roof available. There was a grid constraint which meant it wasn't possible to utilise quite as much of the roof as first intended - however there are still a very impressive 115 solar panels, each with a peak capability of 260 watts in good sunny conditions.

Photos / map / Impact

  • Chilton 20160610 103329
  • Chilton 20160610 103236
  • Chilton 20160610 103414
  • Chilton 20160610 103338
  • Chilton 20160610 103323
  • 29.90 kWp installed capacity
  • 120 Solar panels
  • 26,342 Annual generation (kWh)
  • 20 year agreement to host Low Carbon Hub solar PV project
  • 30% of the school's electricity needs met on-site
  • 25% discount to the site on solar electricity purchased
  • ZERO cost to the school for the term of the project
  • 234 tonnes CO2 emissions to be saved over the project life
  • £11K savings to the school electricity bills over the project life

Work with us

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