What's next for Low Carbon Hub?

Solar build in final stages, hydro build in early stages

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who invested in Low Carbon Hub this year. We have now closed our share offers and are focused on building our two biggest projects to date: a 712kWp rooftop solar PV project with UTC Aerospace Systems CTG in Banbury, and a 440 kWp Sandford Hydro project on the Thames. Together these projects will generate 2.2GWh of renewable electricity per year; the equivalent demand for 560 households.


We have developed 30 renewable energy projects in Oxfordshire over the last 2 years, while running at full speed to keep up with the continuous stream of Government policy changes. In December we reach the landmark age of five years old. Until then we are taking a deep 'post-FiTs' breath, and enjoying a three-month construction and consolidation phase, before we turn our energy and focus to what our next 5 years will look like. If you pop into our offices you will see wall charts and oversized project checklists, and you will find us 'databasing', measuring impacts, setting up systems and starting to put out feelers for a new post-subsidy pipeline. 

A smart energy future is within our reach

While the policy environment in the UK is not supportive in the way it was even 18 months ago, technology development is moving independently because there is now a global force behind it. The appetite for a community-led system of energy supply is growing; and the projected scope for decentralised energy and storage is more than encouraging.

We at Low Carbon Hub need to be clear about how we apply our resources over the next 5 years to help catalyse the new, smart energy future that is now within touching distance. 

We look forward to sharing our plans with you over the coming months.