Low Carbon Hub's Community Energy Share Offer 2016

There aren't many opportunities for people to help shape their local energy system while earning a good financial return...but this is one of them!


Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise using a 'community-benefit' model to develop renewable energy in Oxfordshire. We re-invest our own surplus in our mission to create an energy system we can all feel good about. 

In a community-owned, decentralised renewable energy system, ownership of energy generation won’t reside in just six big companies, but in the hands of hundreds, and eventually thousands of local shareholders. 

If you’re an institutional investor (e.g. a university college considering divesting from fossil fuels), this share offer is a chance for you to make a positive investment in a clean energy system for Oxfordshire that keeps jobs and profits circulating in our local economy.


Investments range from £250 to £100,000, and offer a projected financial return (IRR) of 5%+, with interest calculated annually as retail price index plus 3%. (Please read our Share Offer Document for full details of the offer and the £3.5 million shareholder investment we are raising through this offer.)


(1)  SANDFORD LOCK HYDRO just outside of Oxford, on the Thames: Investors in Sandford Lock Hydro will be helping to return the Lasher Weir to its historic role as a provider of clean energy. This hydro project will generate 1,600 MWh per year -- the equivalent demand of 450 homes, or most of Sandford!

(2)  SOLAR PV projects on school and business roof tops all across Oxfordshire: Together with our existing solar PV projects the addition of this portfolio of 18 new projects will mean 17,000 pupils and 4,500 workers inspired by community-owned renewable energy on their rooftops.

You can invest in either the hydro or solar PV projects, or both.

For more information on each of these 19 projects please see the Share Offer 2016 Project Profiles on our new website.


These are some of the last community energy projects in the UK to benefit from the pre-2015 cuts Feed-in Tariff rate. This pipeline of pre-accredited projects will enable Low Carbon Hub to continue laying the foundations of a community-owned renewable energy system for Oxfordshire, despite recent changes in policy. Without community energy, nothing will change in the UK energy market. These projects will help us build a bridge to a more friendly policy and market environment for community energy, and ensure that renewable energy in Oxfordshire continues to be developed in a way that strengthens local communities and democratises energy ownership

For more about our vision for renewables in Oxfordshire and our plans for the £3.5 million in community benefit funds our projects will generate over 20 years, please read The Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto, just published on our website in draft format. We hope you will be as excited as we are by the unique opportunities for change this share offer provides not just for Oxfordshire but the rest of the UK. 


Go to the Low Carbon Hub website for more information: www.lowcarbonhub.org/invest , or go straight to the Ethex website to invest anything from £250 to £100,000 in:




This share offer closes on the 11th July 2016. 

2016 Share Offer Document
2016 Share Offer Document
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Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto
Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto
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