10 Reasons to Invest in Low Carbon Hub's Community Energy Share Offer

1. It makes 19 new renewables projects happen in Oxfordshire.

2. You get a good return, projected at a bank-beating 5%.

3. Investments start at £250.

4. Renewables are the future*.

5. It puts energy ownership in the hands of local people.

Low Carbon Hub in Oxford is one of the most important community energy organisations in the UK. It's poised to start a revolution in the way we develop and use our energy. 

Jonathon Porritt, Co-founder, Forum for the Future

6. It supports Low Carbon Hub's pioneering mission to power a new energy system in Oxfordshire with community-owned renewables. (See our manifesto.)

7. Low Carbon Hub reinvests 100% of their own surplus, via a community benefit fund, in that mission. 

8. The shares can qualify for inheritance tax exemption. 

9. If we don't choose it, we won't get it. 

10. It is a positive investment in a cleaner, greener energy system we can all feel good about.

Find out more at www.lowcarbonhub.org/invest

Invest via Ethex 

2016 Share Offer Document
2016 Share Offer Document
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* Globally, the transition to a decentralised, renewable energy system is now unstoppable. The EU countries now firmly ahead of the UK in the transition to renewables include not just Germany, Denmark and Sweden, but 21 other EU countries. The trend is now clear and the tipping point is coming fast. We want to make sure communities have a direct stake in this transition.

What about the Feed-in Tariff? 

The projects funded by this share offer are some of the last community energy projects in the UK to have secured the more favourable Feed-in Tariff rate, before it was cut in December 2015. That rate will apply for the entire 20-year lifetime of these projects. These community-benefit renewables projects will leverage that income for the benefit of Oxfordshire's communities.

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