A much better energy system is possible, for Oxfordshire and the UK

If we want a renewable energy future in the UK -- and specifically one that is developed for the benefit of local economies and communities -- we can have one, but we will need to stand up for it, together. 

In our Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto we set out what community energy means for us and why we think it is a fundamentally important part of the UK's national energy transition. 

We are feeling very optimistic that many of the components of the new system we have been dreaming of are now either there or within our grasp. 

We look forward to working with you to make it happen.

Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto
Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto
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In the news

Low Carbon Hub wants to change the fact that currently most of the £1.5bn spent on energy in the region each year flows out of the county to large energy companies, the majority of which are owned by foreign enterprises. With the power station at Didcot coming to the end of its life, Low Carbon Hub is proposing it is replaced by a decentralised, clean energy system – helping to keep ownership and revenue in the local area, providing jobs and a low carbon economy.

The Co-operative News Clean energy social enterprise launches manifesto for change, 25th May 2016

What people are saying

There isn’t a person in the country who thinks that the large energy companies can get us from a world reliant on fossil fuels to one based around renewables. Low Carbon Hub sits at the centre of attempts to build the intellectual framework to enable that switch. The energy system of the future will have decentralised ownership and production, a new focus on storage, demand management and energy efficiency and will keep capital within local communities. Nothing about the UK’s energy transition is going to be easy but Low Carbon Hub’s energy, thoughtfulness and creativity are going to help all of us as we work towards a fairer world.

Chris Goodall 119 Chris Goodall Founder of Carbon Commentary and author of The Switch: How solar, storage and new tech means cheap power for all (June 2016)

The vision for Oxfordshire's energy future set out in this manifesto is not just highly ambitious. It is eminently achievable, and based on a credible and sophisticated analysis of local energy trends, challenges and opportunities. It also pulls off the magic trick of being attractive and compelling! The future outlined here is one that people will want to be a part of creating. If only every UK city and county had a Low Carbon Hub as effective as Oxfordshire's, our national energy transition would be in the bag.

Leo Murray Leo Murray Director of strategy, 10:10