We're here to support the development of a decentralised, community-owned renewables-based energy system in the UK -- starting with Oxfordshire. 

Together, we can change the energy system!



Our helpdesk is here to support the development of community-owned renewables in Oxfordshire. Are you a community group or other organisation from the public or not-for-profit sector looking to set up your own renewable installation? We'd be delighted to to share our experience. Complete our enquiry form to get in touch.

We'd also love to hear from you if you are interested in hosting a Low Carbon Hub-owned installation. Find out more


If you're a social enterprise elsewhere in the UK, or the world, and interested in replicating Low Carbon Hub's model for community-owned decentralised energy, we're also happy to share information about our ethos and business model. And we'd love to learn about your experience too. Complete our enquiry form to get in touch.


Our focus is on community-owned renewables, but if you're an individual struggling to find information on renewables or energy efficiency for your home in Oxfordshire, we will try to hook you up with organisations that can help you.


Over time we will post technical case studies, helpful PDFs and other resources on this page. Make sure you're signed up to our monthly newsletter to hear when new resources are posted here, or come back and visit this page.

The kind of energy generation Low Carbon Hub is doing, at the community scale, shows that we're moving from a niche activity run by hard-core pioneers to a potentially disruptive force that can be tapped into by any community anywhere in the country.

Jonathon Porritt CBE Co-founder of Forum for the Future