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There are lots of brilliant community groups all over Oxfordshire, focusing on low carbon and sustainability actions. Many of these community groups choose to become Low Carbon Hub Community members, joining the Low Carbon Hub Community Interest Company (CIC) as community shareholders.

On this page you’ll find information about all the community groups across Oxfordshire which are Low Carbon Hub CIC community shareholders. They’re always looking for passionate people to get involved and join their group.

Of course, these are also additional groups across Oxfordshire working on climate change and sustainability more generally. For more information, we recommend taking a look at our friends over at CAG (Community Action Group) Oxfordshire.


Banbury Community Action Group

Banbury Community Action Group (CAG) was set up in 2013 to run free local community projects on food, waste, transport and energy.

We meet 1st Tuesday of the month at The Globe Room, Ye Olde Reinedeer Inn, Parsons St Banbury, OX16 5NA and occasionally other locations around the town. Please join our mailing list or read our meeting notes to find out where we’ll be this month.

Come and get involved! You could help plant a new orchard, join the Bridge Street Edible Community Garden or take part in the “Give or Take”. We are always looking for new ideas and new volunteers. | |

Deddington Environment Network

We are a group of local, concerned residents and businesses, inspiring and implementing action on climate change.

Our top priorities – We are only at the beginning of our journey. We will be a FORCE MULTIPLIER to drive our defined area to become Carbon Neutral by 2040.  We will create a forecastable plan to get us there and we will measure impact through a broad, baselined scorecard, that uses a range of indicators to measure impact.

Sustainable Duns Tew

Sustainable Duns Tew is a local group dedicated to enhancing knowledge and taking action within our community to reduce waste and our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Kirtlington

We are a community group working towards enhancing the environmental impact of our village through both energy saving and energy efficiency.

We have a committee of six members and a steadily growing mailing list. We are part of the Community Action Groups Oxfordshire network (CAGs), bringing local voluntary groups together, sharing information and experience. Join us and help contribute to a more sustainable future!

Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd

Hook Norton Low Carbon Limited (HNLC) is an Industrial Provident Society, set up by Low Carbon Hook Norton members to help the community reduce its energy consumption, carbon emissions, and save money.

It runs a range of community-based schemes and individual household projects based on low-interest loans from a revolving fund. In conjunction with this, HNLC is also tackling transport emissions with a car pool, waste-oil with a bio-diesel tank, and is planning to generate revenue from renewable energy to ensure the sustainability of the fund, bring further benefit to members, and allow HNLC to start helping other communities.

Hook Norton Community Land Trust

Hook Norton Community Land Trust (HNCLT) is a not for profit Community Benefit Society that was set up in July 2019 and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and is part of the National Community Land Trust Network. It was formed to develop a small group of affordable, sustainable homes that will be available to local people on a piece of overgrown land owned by Cherwell District Council (CDC). The homes will be based on the needs of the community already identified through extensive consultation and designed to encourage social contact and community spirit.

HNCLT was formed initially with a core group of four directors which has now grown to a Board of eleven members including members from the local community and other practitioners with a range of knowledge and expertise to guide this exciting project through to completion.

Oxford City

Local Environmental Action Florence Park (LEAF)

Some current projects include:

  • Saving energy and saving money while reducing our impact on the climate – thermal imaging and insulation
  • Campaign against air pollution
  • Wild flower & bee friendly planting projects
  • Swift Florence Park – campaign action to help reverse the decline in swifts by education, monitoring and putting up nest boxes.
  • Hedgehog champions in Florence Park area.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7-9pm. Please email LEAF for the meeting venue ( We are a friendly local group and welcome everyone. We also run an informal knit and natter meeting occasionally to discuss ideas.

Facebook | Twitter | Website

Osney Lock Hydro

Osney Lock Hydro is the first community-owned hydro scheme to be built on the Thames. Set on the banks of the river Thames at Osney Lock, opposite the site of Oxford’s first electrical power station, it is one of only three sites suitable for hydro generation in the city. Building work started in the summer of 2013, with electricity generation starting in May 2015.

We want to harness the power of the river to generate green energy and reduce our community’s carbon emissions. The hydro will also create a sustainable income stream to fund environmental projects well into the next half of the century.

The hydro is now fully operational, generating clean green electricity. Osney Lock Hydro is predicted to generate more than 179,000 kWh of clean electricity annually. That’s equivalent to the electricity used by 55 homes.

Low Carbon East Oxford

Low Carbon East Oxford runs initiatives to lower carbon emissions in the area, including community meetings, stalls to raise awareness and a giveaway day.

We are currently applying for funding for our Landlord Energy Efficiency Scheme (LESS). This is a big initiative that could save 1000+ tonnes of CO2 per annum by turning many of the least energy efficient homes in East Oxford into some of the most efficient. Read the LESS business plan on our website for full details. It’s a big project and we need all the help we can get, so please join us and make this a success! |…

Rosehill and Iffley Low Carbon

Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon (RHILC) is a community action group in south-east Oxford. We aim to involve local people in campaigns to reduce their carbon footprint and foster sustainable means of producing energy. We also try to raise awareness of the real threats of climate change – both to our own community and the wider world.

With the help the Community Action Group (CAG) Network and Low Carbon Hub, we founded the group in March 2013 and have already had several successes. We persuaded the City Council to cover our new Community Centre with solar PV panels, which now power a Co-Wheels electric car. We’ve run two thermal imaging campaigns and provided professional follow-up advice and insulation materials to local people. We’ve planted 200 trees in Rose Hill Recreation Ground and regularly help with local litter picks. We have worked closely with Project ERIC, which has installed solar PV and cutting-edge battery storage on 77 Oxford City Council and Green Square Housing Association homes – as well as batteries in eight owner-occupied homes. We have close links with the primary school, which has now put 102 solar panels on the roof through the Low Carbon Hub. We have also helped to crowd-fund a ‘zero-carbon classroom’ which will demonstrate visibly how the solar panels and battery storage function.

At present, we are working with BioRegional to research other ways of cutting the carbon footprint of our area. If you live in or near Rose Hill or Iffley and are interested in joining our growing and ambitious community group, then join us! |…

Low Carbon Oxford North

This is an energetic group working in the North Oxford area to help residents reduce their carbon footprint.

It runs a food group, Carbon Conversations and the Low Carbon Living programmes, and in partnership with E-Car it has established an electric car club in Summertown. The group is looking to set up a fuel poverty project. It also organises regular public meetings on issues of general interest. LCON also set up Oxford North CommunityRenewables, or ONCORE, a community energy enterprise which has successfully raisedcommunity investment to put solar panels on the roofs of two local schools. ONCORE’s aim is to lower North Oxford’s carbon footprint, generate cheap renewable electricity for building occupiers, andprovide income from the Government’s Feed-in Tariff to support the community in other carbon-reduction activities. |

Low Carbon South Oxford

Low Carbon South Oxford is a community group established in March 2011 which aims to help South Oxford residents, groups and organisations work together to reduce their carbon footprint; to raise awareness of environmental issues; and move towards more environmentally sustainable ways of living and working. | www.lowcarbonsouthoxfor…

West Oxford Community Renewables

West Oxford Community Renewables, or WOCoRe, develops community-owned renewables in West Oxford. Since our inception 2009 we have developed 220kWp of renewable energy projects, mainly solar PV with a small wind turbine, as well as developing a microhydro at Osney Lock, which was established as a new entity Osney Lock Hydro to deliver and manage the project.

Our projects are funded through investment by our members, and result in discounted electricity for our hosts and a modest interest payment for our members. Our profits are then reinvested in local environmental projects to achieve further carbon cuts.

We donate a large portion of our profits to Low Carbon West Oxford to support its work on the reducing our community’s carbon footprint. Their work includes promoting improved domestic energy efficiency and low carbon activity focused on food, transport, waste reduction, and wildlife projects.

We also supported the establishing the Hogacre Common Eco Park at the former Corpus Christi College sports ground. Hogacre has now split off into its own Community Interest Company, but WOCoRe remains responsible for the lease.

Low Carbon West Oxford

Low Carbon West Oxford (LCWO) is a community-led charity (registration no.1135225) which aims to reduce its community contribution to climate change by 80% by 2050 by encouraging and supporting local residents to live more sustainably and by helping to create a more cohesive and resilient community.

It works in partnership with West Oxford Community Renewables which develops local renewable energy projects, including solar PV, small wind turbines and a possible future microhydro installation on the Thames. WoCoRe donates part of its surplus to LCWO to support its carbon-cutting projects, including the Low Carbon Living household programme, as well as food, transport, waste reduction and wildlife projects.

Wolvercote Commoners’ Committee

Wolvercote Commoners’ Committee was set up in 1929 to manage three areas of common land in Wolvercote (two now classed as Sites of Special Scientific Interest) on behalf of all who live in the parish. It protects Common Rights (dating from 1279) as well as fostering and maintaining interest in amenities in Wolvercote. |

South Oxfordshire

Sustainable Didcot

Sustainable Didcot work to promote sustainability in the town of Didcot. In response to the Town Council declaring a climate emergency, Sustainable Didcot applied for and received a grant, to help the community to investigate ways to lower energy usage and carbon emissions on the path to zero carbon.

Goring and Streatley Sustainability Group

The Goring and Streatley Sustainability Group (GSSG) is a group of volunteers committed to climate change for the benefit of the broader population, and our children.

We have two main objectives: first, to promote, for the benefit of the parishes of Goring and Streatley, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the area; and, secondly, to generate 1,000 MWh of clean hydroelectric power per annum from three Archimedes screws on the weirs at Goring & Streatley, enough to provide the electricity requirements for over 300 dwellings. |

Henley Climate Emergency Working Group

News and information from Henley Town Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group. Supporting residents to reduce our Town’s carbon footprint. Solar panels, electric vehicles, home insulation and much more.

Greener Henley

We want to unite our local community with positive ways we can make a change together and fight climate change.

Sustainable Wallingford

The aim of our group is to build a more sustainable town and community in Wallingford and its surrounding area.

We run events throughout the year such as talks on sustainability themes, film showings, an eco-homes weekend, food events and our popular quarterly SwapShops. Find out more, and contact us, via our website:

Watlington Climate Action

A group for residents, businesses and organisations in Watlington and surrounding areas to discuss issues, impacts and solutions around climate change.

Vale of the White Horse

Abingdon Carbon Cutters

Abingdon Carbon Cutters aims to do what it says “on the tin”: reduce the carbon footprint of Abingdon in response to climate change, and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

We meet on the third Wednesday of the month at St Ethelwold’s House. At some meetings we have guest speakers and at others we discuss actions to address climate change but our focus is on encouragement. Come and join us! |

Sustainable Blewbury

A proactive community on the sustainability front, we are currently running five main projects in Blewbury.

These include an energy initiative to encourage the use of renewables; a travel and transport network to reduce dependence on cars; a plan for the protection of the natural environment and heritage in the area; the waste and recycling group to encourage water saving and household composting; and the food and farming project that runs a produce stall every Saturday. See our website for more details, and contacts for individual groups.

Westmill Wind Farm Cooperative

Westmill is a working organic farm. The Westmill Wind Farm Co-op was the first 100% community owned onshore wind farm to be built in the south of England. The five turbine site at Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TH was commissioned in March 2008. In the last five years over 10,000 people have visited our community owned windfarm at Westmill.

Westmill Solar Cooperative and WESET

Westmill Solar Co-operative was established in 2012 and was the first community owned solar farm in the UK. At 5MW, it was also the world’s largest community-owned scheme at the time but we have been very happy to see other similar sized community-owned schemes follow in our footsteps. The solar park is located on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border and produces enough clean electricity per year to power 1,600 homes. The aims of the project are to combat climate change by financing a reliable source of renewable energy, provide local people and other investors with a stable, reliable source of income, and help the area transition to a low carbon future economy.

Every year we donate 1% of our revenue to the charity, Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust (WeSET). WeSET is a charity set up to promote community decarbonisation and sustainable energy. It does this through arts, education and community renewable projects. Over the last few years they’ve shown more than 10,000 visitors around the Westmill site, through a combination of open days, on-site events and guided tours. WeSET demonstrate what a genuinely community-owned low carbon future could look like and how we can all play a role in that. |

Sustainable Wantage

Sustainable Wantage is for anyone who has an interest in living more lightly on the planet.

We are run by volunteers and support all sorts of different environmental initiatives relevant to our community. Also, as a member of the Oxfordshire Community Action Group network, we regularly meet with the many other similar groups across the county. Come along to one of our Green Drinks evenings where you can contribute to, and learn from, discussions on all sorts of “green” topics with like-minded people. |

West Oxfordshire

Sustainable Charlbury

Sustainable Charlbury aims to inspire, encourage and empower groups and individuals within the community to reduce carbon emissions.

We provide education, advice and assistance to the residents of Charlbury and surrounding villages to reduce carbon emissions from buildings, transport, energy generation, food and consumption. |

Transition Chipping Norton

The Transition Movement is a positive approach to meeting the challenges of the coming decades.

Transition Chipping Norton currently is concentrating on localising food production and supporting our local farmers and also encouraging the switch to greener energy technology and saving energy by better insulation of homes and other buildings.

Transition Eynsham Area (Green TEA)

TEA or Green TEA is part of the Transition Towns network, a worldwide movement concerned with climate change and peak oil.

They have five working groups: waste; hearts & minds; food; energy; and transport. All are concerned with raising the profile of the problems among members of the public and their politicians. Green TEA aims to demonstrate practical means of decreasing carbon output, e.g. energy conservation and generation, recycling, public transport, and localisation of food production. Activities include film shows, swap shops, seed swaps and a fruit festival. We are currently working on a car club, improving cycling facilities, local food production, a thermal imaging project, and small-scale power generation.

Southill Community Energy

Southill Solar, the community solar farm owned by Southill Community Energy and its members, is now fully operational, and has got off to a great start operating above its performance targets in early 2017. We have already begun implementing the landscape management plans with a community orchard planting day in January and sowing the wild flower meadow will be taking place over the next few months.

There will be further investment opportunities in the solar farm this year and we are planning to have an open day on the site, at a date to be confirmed but sometime in May – please watch this space and visit our website for further updates.


Sustainable Witney

Sustainable Witney is a local group promoting locally sustainable lifestyles. That means helping people live in ways which will have a minimal impact on both the wider environment but also the quality of their local public spaces. |

Sustainable Woodstock

We aim to raise public awareness among the residents of Woodstock and beyond on the climate emergency, energy conservation, sustainable travel, waste reduction, recycling, bio-diversity, sustainable economics and respect for the planet.