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10:10 Solar Schools Report Card

10:10 reports on their solar schools around the UK. The programme has been running for 3 years and they have worked with 50 schools; 18,000+ pupils; installed 650 panels which will save over 2000 tonnes of CO2.

A different kind of energy

This 10:10 video looks at how one school’s solar project brought together a community.

Beyond solar panels

This video from 10:10 looks at how solar on the roof changes behaviour on the ground.

consultation documents

Co-Operative Opportunity

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The Co-op is working with Forum for the Future and Co-ops UK to develop a community power vision for the UK. There is a launch event on the 15th February.

Feed-in Tariff Update

Latest announcement from Government on the Feed-in Tariff.

Friends of the Earth

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Friends of the Earth briefing paper on the FiT review – covers all those frequently asked questions from What has the government proposed for schemes run by local communities? to the What are the impacts of the government proposals?


Rural communities energy fund

The £15 million rural communities energy fund supports rural communities in England to develop community energy projects. It provides a grant to fund initial investigation and feasibility and a loan to support planning applications and to robust business case.


Community Energy

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by: Michael King & Rob Shaw

Guide to decentralised energy: planning, development and delivery.

Community Energy Toolkit

by: DECC

DECC advice and guidance to communities interested in setting up community energy projects, including links to video training, how to set up legal structures, information about funding and the national heat map.

Connecting Community Energy

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by: Regen SW & Western Power Distribution

A guide for communities developing energy projects to get a network connection. It provides an introduction to the electricity network and an overview on the application process for new types of energy generation.

DECC Community Energy Guide

by: DECC

Guide for local groups interested in setting up a community energy project.

Guide to the Feed-in Tariff

DECC has produced a quick start guide to the feed-in tariff scheme, the tariffs and how ti works.

Local United Diffusion Packs

by: Local United

Guides to support the setting up of social enterprises to combat the challenges of peak oil, including sustainable community loan fund and developing community energy.

Low Carbon Living: the Power to Make it Possible

This guide goes into detail as to how this successful West Oxford community developed ways to take action on climate change and generate a “double carbon cut”.

PlanLocal Renewable Energy Resource Pack

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has developed a hands-on guide to community renewables, covering advice, technical information, workshop ideas and case studies.

Rough Guide to Community Energy

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Comprehensive guide on community energy, covering everything from taking action to saving energy in the home.

Solar PV in West Oxford

Low down on installing PV on Matthew Arnold School in West Oxford.

templates & examples

ONCORE’s Community Share Offer Brochure

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by: Julia Patrick, ONCORE

This brochure sets out the purpose, benefits and terms and conditions of ONCORE’s share offer to fund an installation of solar PV at the Cherwell School.

Osney Lock Hydro Marketing Plan

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by: Saskya Huggins

The key elements Osney Lock Hydro took into consideration when launching their share offer scheme.

Osney Lock Hydro Share Offer: Marketing Budget & Resources

Download word file

by: Osney Lock Hydro

A summary budget and list of the support services used for the Osney Lock Hydro share offer launch.

Sample Invitation to Tender

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by: Steve Drummond, ONCORE

Based on sample from National Energy Foundation, this is ONCORE’s invitation to tender for the installation of 50kWp solar PV at the Cherwell School.

Support planning application postcard

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Sample postcard to support a local planning application for a community renewable energy project.

WOCoRe’s Proposal to Matthew Arnold School

Download word file

by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

A sample letter of intent to Matthew Arnold School re installing a solar PV array on the school roofs.

WOCoRe’s Business Plan

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by: WOCoRe

Sets out West Oxford Community Renewables’ plan for developing renewable energy projects in the West Oxford area. It goes into their fund raising strategy; financial forecasts; development costs and installation timelines.

WOCoRe’s Planning Proposal for 6kW Wind Turbine

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by: WOCoRe

WOCORE’s planning proposal to install a wind turbine on the old Corpus Christi sports field. It looks at the reasons to install wind and balance energy generation for a community.

WOCoRe’s Share Offer Brochure

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by: WOCoRe

This document sets out the terms of WOCoRe’s share offer to fund a range of renewable energy projects in West Oxford.

case studies

Bath & West Community Energy

Ten school projects in and around Bath were developed by Bath and West Community Energy following a share offer that raised over £700,000.

Brixton Energy

Brixton Energy create co-operatively-owned renewable projects. An interesting case study.

Case studies of community projects

The Energy Saving Trust have put together a range of case studies on community energy projects.


OVESCO developed a solar PV project on Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes following an amazing share offer that raised £350,000.

Renewable Energy Assessment: West Oxford

Download pdf

by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

This paper looks at the renewable energy potential for the West Oxford area.

Small Wind: Proven 6kWe

Download pdf

by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

Case study of the first wind project undertaken by West Oxford Community Renewables.

Solar PV: Commercial Project

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by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

This was the first collaboration between a community and a large retail business to install solar PV in the UK. The case study looks at the installation of 52kWp of solar PV on the newly-built Aldi supermarket in West Oxford.

Solar PV: Social Housing

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by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

In partnership with Oxford City Council, West Oxford Community Renewables installed five solar PV arrays of 2kWp each on social housing in the area.

Solar PV: the Charity Project

Download pdf

by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

This is the first example of the lease of a roof by a community group for solar PV in the UK.

Solar PV: the Charity Project II

Download pdf

by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

This case study shows the further installation of solar PV on the roofs of the King’s Centre and Cotswold Hall in West Oxford.

Solar PV: the School Project

Download pdf

by: Barbara Hammond, WOCoRe

This case study is on the largest solar PV array on a school in the UK: 100kWp on Matthew Arnold School in West Oxford.

Solar schools fundraising

10:10 have produced this video on fundraising for solar schools and how to get businesses involved.

Westmill Voices

by: Westmill Wind Farm

The community that installed the wind farm at Westmill have put together an inspiring video – Westmill Voices – on the wind farm and the community that supported it, and what it means to them.

Wind of Change

by: Fintry

A short documentary showing how Fintry in rural Stirlingshire, Scotland, has embraced renewable energy for a more sustainable future for their community.


Encraft Carbon Calculators

Encraft have developed a whole range of calculators to measure everything from heat pumps to solar thermal and your own carbon footprint.

NOABL Wind Map

Enter your postcode into the database and it will show you the estimated wind speeds at your location at three heights: 20m, 25m and 45m. There are also some useful calculators on this site to convert logs priced per volume and heating oil to price per kW to compare against other fuel sources.

Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT aims to inspire and inform people to live more sustainably. They offer practical solutions to environmental problems and run courses and provide information on all aspects of sustainable living, including a report on their vision of a zero carbon Britain.

Community Energy Online

Signposting website from DECC to help communities working on renewable energy projects.

DECC CHP Development Map

The CHP Development Map identifies locations in the UK where CHP (combined heat and power) has the greatest potential, and therefore the largest environmental impact.

DECC Renewables Map

This online map, published by DECC, shows key renewable installations around the country. You can filter by energy source, region or planning authority. A useful, if cumbersome, overview of renewables in the UK.

Feed-in Tariffs

This site gives the lowdown on the FiT tariffs – how they work, regulation and legislation as well as an update on the reviews and changes.

Green Match

The Ultimate Guide to Solar Panels is an educational tool about solar energy. It comprises all you need to know when investing in solar power and targets green energy lovers, solar schools, installers, and everyone else interested in joining the “solar community.

IKEA solar panels

IKEA is now stocking solar panels in all of their UK stores. They offer a fully-installed system for £5700.


PlanLoCaL has a suite of resources including films, a resource pack and website which aims to support communities and groups that are planning for low carbon living.

Renewable Energy Association

The REA’s “marketplace” is a platform for public, private and community groups to make business connections with the renewables industry, free of charge.

Renewable Energy: Made in Britain

by: Renewable Energy Association

The Renewable Energy Association’s latest report looks at employment figures and turnover in the renewable energy sector in the UK. Interesting reading.

Renewable Heat Incentive

A clear explanation of the RHI and how it works.

Solar Panel Installation

A quick-time video on installing a solar pv array.