Our Solar PV Offer

Invest in our portfolio of 14 solar PV projects in Oxfordshire and earn a bank-beating return. 

Investors can expect a financial return over 20 years of more than 5%, based on retail price index (RPI) + 3%. Invest a minimum of £250 and a maximum of £100,000. 

Investor info & shortcuts

What projects are you investing in?

You will be supporting a portfolio of 14 new solar PV installations on school and business rooftops across Oxfordshire. 13 of these 14 projects were completed over the summer. Read more about the projects nearest you below. 

How to invest

Please read our Share Offer Document and then:

- invest online through Ethex, or

- download, print and complete a paper application form

- PLEASE NOTE: Our hydro share class is now closed!

Low Carbon Hub Share Offer Document 2016
Low Carbon Hub Share Offer Document 2016
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Why invest?

FINANCIAL REASONS: 13 of 14 projects in the Solar PV share offer were pre-accredited with the pre-cuts Feed-in Tariff and are the last community energy projects in the UK to benefit from this favourable rate. These shares can also qualify for inheritance tax exemption. Additionally, with the new Personal Saving Allowance (PSA) you may be able to earn up to £1000 in interest from your shares tax free. As with all investments, your money is at risk, so please read our Share Offer Document carefully.

SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL REASONS: As a social developer working within a community-benefit model, 100% of our own surplus revenue is ploughed back into our mission to create a renewables-based energy system in Oxfordshire. This is what separates us from commercial developers. Find out more about the energy system we are working towards in our Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto

What the experts say

LISA ASHFORD, CEO of Ethex, the not-for-profit, positive investment online platform:  "Non-traditional investment products [like community energy projects] offer an alternative opportunity in this climate [of lower interest rates]. With the benefit of returns forecasted from 5%, much higher than many savings accounts, UK-based community energy share and bond offers could offer a relatively safe haven in a stormy environment."

CHRIS GOODALLRenewable energy analyst, and author of The Switch (July 2016):  "As interest rates fall to zero and below, it really makes sense to put spare money into the last FiTs-based solar projects."

Our previously completed projects include:

2013 business project: Oxford Bus Company

2015 community project: Osney Lock Hydro

2015 school project: Bure Park School

2015 school project: Larkrise Primary School

Innovation Pilots: Hinksey Heat

VIEW ALL OUR PROJECTS: See all 31 of our projects here.

The 2016 share offer projects

Our Solar PV share offer will fund 14 projects on school and business rooftops across Oxfordshire. 

Botley Primary School: Oxford

Prodrive: Our largest solar project to date

Chilton Primary School: One of the greenest schools in the UK!

Endeavour Academy: Located alongside our fantastic Warming Barton project

King Alfred's Academy: Our first project in Wantage

Langtree School: The largest solar installation on a school within the 2016 share offer

Long Furlong School: Our latest Abingdon school

Middle Barton School: Where small is beautiful :)

Nettlebed School: South east of Oxfordshire

Orchard Fields Community School: The largest solar project on an Oxfordshire primary school

Rose Hill Primary School: Located alongside the innovative energy project ERIC, led by Bioregional

Sir William Ramsay School: Our first school in Buckinghamshire

Windmill Primary School: Headington, Oxford

Wood Green School: Our first school in Witney

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​Low Carbon Hub Hydro & Solar PV Share Offers extended

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Low Carbon Hub's Community Energy Share Offer 2016

Oxfordshire business Owen Mumford’s solar rooftops to save 66 tonnes of CO2 per year

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What people are saying

With interest rates falling to zero and below, it really makes sense to put spare money into the last remaining FiT-based projects.

Chris Goodall 119 Chris Goodall Renewable energy analyst, and author of new solar power & storage book, The Switch (July 2016)

The Low Carbon Hub is a really good example of a pioneering social enterprise and Oxford Capital shares its ambitions to scale-up renewable energy. We are delighted to support the team in their imaginative and tenacious work

Edward Mott Edward Mott Managing Partner, Oxford Capital

Love this idea – and it’s definitely time to shake up the way we generate and use energy! Happy to be a small investor

Sir Richard Branson 1 Copy Sir Richard Branson Founder, Virgin Group

Investing in the Low Carbon Hub ticks all the boxes… with a fair rate of return and tax breaks to boot, putting my money into the Hub is just common sense.

Peter Thompson Peter Thompson Chair, Oxford Civic Society

Oxford Bus Company is proud to be the first local business to partner with the Low Carbon Hub on a renewables scheme. Now we are green on our buses, green in our depot, and green on the roof too!

Luke Marion Luke Marion Finance Director, Oxford Bus Company

The Low Carbon Hub was incredibly helpful in supporting us to develop and market our share offer for Osney Lock Hydro. Investing in the Low Carbon Hub will enable other community energy projects like ours to become a reality.

Vkce4Nmx 400X400 Saskya Huggins Director, Osney Lock Hydro

We are delighted to be working with Low Carbon Hub to increase renewable energy production in Oxfordshire. This is a scheme which benefits Norbar, the local community and the environment.

Catherine Rohll Catherine Rohll Commercial Director, Norbar